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5 January 2011 2 Comments

2010 was a big year for me in many ways and it is just starting to sink in how special of a year it was for me.  While it was a lot more than what I was originally after in the way of sport (crushing my dreams became a reality again and again…) it was also one of the most balanced years of my life across all areas of my life.   The way that a lot of “things” just fell together felt like magic.  I have a huge number of people to thank and as I started looking back on some of the pictures I collected along the way with my cell phone I get a little overwhelmed . . . and tired.  It was a long year.

Monique and I did a lot of traveling, planning and even some scrambling at times but mostly were did some epic living and created some of the best memories of our lives along the way.  I often draw a parallel between racing and life.  I believe it is just a condensed version that can be simplified enough to make you understand just what went right and what went wrong at times.  It can offer you a real look at who you are and why you do if you let it… it can be deep and wide.  That is one of the reasons why I enjoyed the ultraman experience so much.    In the end, it did not matter what times or paces I was going or what place I ended up finishing.  The race is about who you spend that time with and the way you go about the challenge.  We are most grateful that we are surrounded with what we truly believe are the best friends anywhere on the planet and sharing the memories with them and you is what makes it so special.  Thank you.

I had a lot of questions about what I was going to do next year and what I was planning for the off-season (even more about what I eat and how I train but more on that later).  As far as my training I took December very easy and just shifted anything about exercise to an afterthought.  Heading back from Hawaii I jumped right into some projects at work in San Jose and I have been putting a lot of focus in trying to knock out some additional projects and technical certifications at work.  Tipping the scale of balance back a bit.  When I did get to train, I put a cap on my overall volume for the day not to exceed two hours and just keep everything at an easy pace.  It was also the holidays and I am nobody special.  It is the season for spending time with family, friends and eating my face off.

One of the reasons why was able to have a big year in sport, that became obvious, was because of the year(s) prior to it setting up my life so that I could do the training/travel/time that I wanted.  This is always the hard part.  Not all of this was planned but becomes clear in hindsight.  Of course, I didn’t plan on extending it through October or November so we went from a positive to a negative in more ways than one at the end but we just rolled with the momentum.  This year picks up with an additional challenge of getting back to the secret sauce of training right.  Setting up our life’s so that when it matters most we can do the work required to succeed.

I had a lot of people asking me “what is next?”  I really dont know and at this time have no plans for specific races or travel but I am excited to apply some of the lessons learned from sport in the years to come. I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish and I don’t mind sharing them.  The few that are missing are the ones I do mind sharing ;-)  Perhaps some accountability in there and some perspective for me along the way. If I have any advice in this area it would be to write your goals down.  Then make sure you are looking at them and taking action towards them with consistency.  There is magic in that.  I listed 25 items just to keep it wide.  In no particular order…

-spend less than I did in 2010
-help 2 friends grow their businesses
-Don't get injured
-Grow my relationship with Jesus
-Coach 2 people through 3 races
-Work on follow up/closing the loop with communication
-expand "morning routine" and improve consistency of it
-Work on grammar - Take a continuing ed class
-Continue to refining my diet (I have made significant and positive changes to my diet in the last 18 months...and there is more)
-get the biz I started in 2010 to be cash positive in 2011
-Look people in the eyes and welcome them.  Treat them like it is the last time you will see them
-Do n0t purchase anything you are not willing to give away by July
-work part of the year part time or off
-run a marathon under 3hrs
-win a race
-travel internationally
-get out of your comfort zone -public presentations, financial investments, propose you passion to someone new
-Pass 5 more technical certifications for work
-start tracking sleeping again in AP -Shoot for 8hrs avg min - make it a priority
-Do not drink coffee after 3pm
-Grow relationships/keep old ones alive

Another change that Monique and I made a few years back was to move out of the big house we bought with a big yard and pool that we had to take care of and just rent it out.  A big lesson in less is more and an understanding that we did not want to spend our weekends gardening.  For the last couple of years we have lived with our good friend Keevin in a house on Bluesails Dr.  That is where all of the “Casa Bluesails” and “Team Bluesails” comes in.  In completing some of the goals was had planned for 2010, it was time to turn the page and once again simplify and change a little direction.  One of these was moving to a small apartment in the center of our daily routine and getting rid of more than half of our stuff(crap).

I know I maybe a little weird but I plotted out all of our major spots we go to during the week.  This included work, customers, parks, pools, etc. Then we looked at easy freeway access and searched out a place for our pad right in the middle.  Easy to do if you are just renting!  Some of that junk is mapped out below and we ended up moving to the “P” location.  It is just a few exits from Monique work, 2 exits from my office and we have six pools within five miles.  Cool!  Most of the customers I visit are just a few minutes away now and Monique parents and sister are a lot closer now too.  It should help us be more efficient with our time and spending less time behind the windshield.

It has already been a big help even with us unpacking.  Starting December I now have to be in the office from 9-5pm everyday.  Not cool but the move makes it a much easier task and we can do most of our training right out our front door now.  We are already finding new trails and areas of Orange County we never knew about.  Fun!

In addition to the reduction in stress from being on the road and having to pack for workouts and work everyday it has been a no-brainier when it comes to training.  We have a gym and pool with five lanes about 40 steps from our front door.  It is a great time to start off the new year with a new environment and establish some good new habits.

espresso covered oatmeal before an a.m. swim.  yum!

Monique has been ruling the kitchen… Love it!

The process of simplification has been quite liberating.  We have a tiny little place but it is everything we need and more.  We have been able to get rid of so much crap that we do not need and really have not even touched in over two years.  Still, as much as we gave away we still keep finding and holding on to too much crap.  Hopefully we can continue to strip away the unnecessary as we go through boxes in our unpacking.  “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~Antonie de Saint-Exuper We have a long way to go!

At least we can still park a car in the garage.

While our new pad has set us up to be more efficient it may not be all in the way of sport and setting PR’s on the race course.  I want to be setup to do the work in life that matters.  We are more than pleased to discover what is on the next page and we can always take a peak a few pages back at our notes if needed.  T2011 is an exciting year and the adventure of discovery is a fun process!  Until then I am keen on my list of goals, investing in the relationships along the way and picking up more of both along the way.


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    May be this blog’s best piece I have seen…

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    That was some enlightening blog!!

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