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2 February 2013 No Comment

In endurance sports, sometime getting to the starting line is the hardest part.  I had an interesting training build going into the Panama 70.3 with my sport specific fitness changing week to week but the challenges that my buddy Josh and I have had to tackel over the last couple days to get here, well, its just making me laugh at this point.  Travel is an interesting beast but when you get to the destination it is almost always worth it.  Today is our first full day in Panama and our first day without being on the go.  R_e_l_a_x_a_t_i_o_n…

We rode out to these small islands where the run course makes an out and back and I had to half sit on my saddle at times because of the wind.  This area is just totally exposed with ocean on both sides but hopefully the rest of the bike will be a bit more sheltered from the wind.


Our first night out after picking up our race packets from the Trump tower downtown.  Its about 90 degrees here and 100% humidity and the wind is always blowing.  Epic racing conditions!



Instead of staying in the middle of the city, we are camping out at the Country Inn in Balboa.  It is very close to the race, low key and we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived yesterday.  We are right next to the Puente De Las Americas that we will actually get to ride over for the bike course.    The only thing we are missing is a street market or somewhere we can get fresh fruit and clean food but I guess we will take a look on our next trip into down.


Although the city is only a few miles away the traffico is really think and it is like that all hours of the day.  Gnar.  I dont know how they are going to clear the roads for us to ride and I feel bad that all of this traffic is going to be short a lane but it is the weekend so hopefully we wont be dodging cars along the way.  On our taxi ride into the city yesterday we came across three accidents and realized how fond of honking these people are…hello.  The second pic below is one of the old classic streets that is only open to foot traffic now and will be pumping in a couple weeks when they start carnival.




Today we got to do a very short swim, bike and run on part of the course. You can see the entire swim course from the pic above.  We start just below the bride to the Americas and swim down the canal to this set of stairs they build yesterday.  The water is super salty and filled with bubbles.  A nice to have when we will not be using wetsuits and we have a current to help us with a swim PB too.  Its crazy how the tide changes throughout the day.  When Josh and I swam in the morning the water was up against the rocks and the bottom of these stairs.  By the time we dropped our bikes off in T1 there was a sandy beach below the rocks that was 30-40 feet back at places and sandbars in the middle.  Good thing the race starts early with the tide!

bike rack

Locked and loaded and ready to race.

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