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3 August 2010 4 Comments
What have you done for me lately? That is what I keep asking myself. However, I am not asking what I have done for myself but rather for the one asking the question. Its easy to get “busy” and not be productive. I can trick myself into being efficient without being effective. Racing offers a unique look into our preparations and is just one of the reasons I love the process of training and racing. I have been taking notes…

I can be efficient all day long on the bike or a few hours swimming(I found out this weekend) but not be FAST. I don’t consider myself a “fast” athlete but I have found a way to be efficient. It keeps me busy for sure. Becoming FAST takes on a complete new process. My next chapter in life will need to be focused on effective output for getting “it” done. Maybe it is speed or maybe it is more specific focus towards a single goal but sport has been a good school master for me so far.

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks at home getting back to some sort of schedule and playing around on our local trails. I am moving towards that productive zone to “do something” and it is just around the corner now.

Last week, Monique and I headed out to the Back Bay multiple times. It never gets old. Monique is getting so much better at running and at just about 100lbs she can afford to run often and being a small girl run at a higher intensity. Thats my thoughts anyways…The girls in Nova tend to prove that to me a few times a week in the pool too!

the MOre of the team

We were also out there for a Ellsworth photo shoot before dusk. Got some good shots and I am stoked to be working with Ellsworth and most of all I will be riding for them in triathlons road and DIRT! I saw the Enlightenment 29er at Interbike last year and have been dreaming about it more than I wanted to admit. . . Line that up with the slickest tri bike I have ever had the pleasure to ride and it gets me all excited to knock out some all_day_long rides!

and the beat goes on. . . I have never felt so fast on a cross bike before. My last CX bike was more of a touring bike loaded for pulling Monique up the mountains and packing a bit of everything along for lunch. My new Roots cross bike is SNAPPY and makes me want to race! Even if it is short and holds promise of puke it makes me want to give it a go…

cross training?

This weekend, we headed for the local trail with the DreamCrush crew as Weeger would say. Weeger always has a way with words. We did the first part of the Vision Quest course (blackstar/Motorway) but we tacked on a climb out to Sierra and another down to Corona. with some KOM efforts! Ryan Meyer enlightened us to a bunch of new trails too. It is amazing how little I know about the trails here…I guess I just follow the wheels in front of me. Anywho, I have not been back on the Corona side since my last ride with Meyer about two years ago. It was JHars first time up there and he was gettin down!

Jason getting cowboy wild out there in the heat

DC crew regroup in the heat of battle

I was signed up for the Tour Of Buoys swim on Sunday but after multiple “things” came to the attention of Monique and me we decided to sleep in and go for a swim just four miles down the street. I did a lot of paddle over in the Huntington Harbor last year and with another summer day we just turned it into a beach day. I got a long swim in and we had plenty of time to be busy without spending time in the car. Quality time! This was my longest swim yet but I managed to feel comfy the entire time and a short ride after helped set the perception. Praying I get to go big at the end of the year with something like this… Here is a clip I posted for the coaches on EC to review. Got any suggestions? I have a lot of work to do but its the kind i REALLY like ;-)

Next up for me is a race with some my endurance hero’s Jen, Cyril and Sean. We are racing the Gold Rush Adventure Race on August 14th. I am honored to race on the team and hope I can keep up! We will be rummaging through the forest, paddling over the waters, climbing rocks and mountains and riding in the black of night. I am so excited!!

Got back to Huntington Harbor today for my first paddle in a long time. I should be ready to unwind in the water at the Gold Rush. . . Just needed a few reminders. The water can be as honest as a power meter and the wind as challenging as a climb. Of course, if your fast, you just get it done with time to stop at SBucks and type out a blog post before you would have finished your first loop if you were going about at a slow pace. I guess that is pretty efficient too. Now I’m off to finish the day of work and knock out a strength brick before dark.


  • jameson said:

    i feel like such a slacker everytime i read your blog! keep getting it done… and the swim vid is sick.

    i need you the film me so i can see how bad i suck!

  • Ryan Weeger said:

    photos are awesome! they would look even awesomer on a new website….haha. also, the cross pic with your celo kit on is raaad! we need to finally ride, this is getting redic

  • Slater Fletcher said:

    James – I see your training log and know your a beast. I am the slacker here but that is not the point. If i didnt have pictures I probably would not remember these weekends or adventures so it a good log/blog but hope to inspire if anything.

    When you get back home…its ON!

  • Paul said:

    That is the first time I've seen an Ellsworth tri bike, really great looking…

    Love the blog.

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